Literally thousands of products have been safety Listed and Certified with the efforts of Creative Services...

Manufacturers and wholesalers around the world use our team of licensed professional engineers as their safety organization agents

Creative Services unravels technical engineering and administrative safety organization knots

Creative Services provides input on technical Standards issues as members of UL Standards Technical Panels (STPs)

Creative Services evaluates samples before they are submitted to safety laboratories to identify and solve problems:

  • reviewing test programs proposed by laboratories and recommending modifications
  • testing and analyzing products to find weaknesses with the design 
  • helping select alternate components and materials for the application where needed

Clients often use our evaluation programs before releasing units for in-home use tests (IHUTs).

Once formally submitted, Creative Services:

  • coordinates all aspects of the program
  • troubleshoots problems that arise to speed successful completion of the program

Laboratories visit our facilities to witness testing and shorten the Listing/Certification process.